Monday, July 6, 2015

So Many Free Databases, So Little Free Time

The holiday season is bringing out the best in the paid subscription genealogy database providers! In celebration of Independence Day is providing free access to its Revolutionary War collection until July 15, 2015!

This includes Revolutionary War Pensions and Revolutionary War Muster Rolls among others.

You can access all the databases from the main page of their Revolutionary War Collections.

Have fun!

AncestryDNA Sale Ends Tonight

AncestryDNA is having a 20% of sale that ends tonight at 11:59pm Eastern (New York) time.  The last sale over Father's Day weekend was only 10% so this is a good discount. The regular price is $99 and with this sale it's $79.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

What Keeps Us from Writing?

This morning I was thinking about blogging and what keeps us from writing. I was thinking about both blogging as a genealogist hobbyist and as a genealogy professional.

If you say to yourself that you want to blog, but you don't, what are the underlying reasons for why you're not blogging?

I want to be blogging more, especially on this blog but I haven't made it happen quite yet. So I am closely looking at my own motivations too.

Time Commitment

Many people say they want to blog but they don't have the time. I'm with the folks that say there is no such thing as too busy. It's like in personal relationships when you ask someone for help but they say they are too busy. What they are really saying is "You're not important enough for me to spend my time helping you." I so strongly believe that. (And we should think about our relationships the next time we are the ones who say that to someone.) We always make time for what we want to do most or for the people who mean the most to us.

When you say you are too busy to blog, you are really saying "I'm not disciplined enough to make a commitment" or "Blogging is not important enough to me to make the time in schedule."

This leads us to our next theme...


When you don't make a commitment to blogging you are saying "I don't really value blogging." So we need to understand what exactly we want to get from it and why we think we won't get that result.  Perhaps as hobbyists we are hoping to connect with distant cousins or as professionals we are trying to build our businesses or show our expertise. Perhaps we simply want to find a vibrant community of folks to interact with.

If we believe that we won't really benefit from our efforts then we definitely will not continue the effort to do the work.

How can we demonstrate to ourselves that blogging is worthwhile and valuable?


Maybe we our afraid of what will happen if we put ourselves out there. Maybe it is self-doubt that what we have to say is not interesting enough. Or fear that we will share too much.


I think this really ties back to the time commitment issue but what if we just get so distracted that we have a hard time staying focused? I think that discipline is one of my issues. I WANT to blog - so how come I'm not doing it every day?  If it's because I'm busy then how come I'm not reserving a specific hour every day to blog? Does life truly get in the way or do I let it get in the way?

Mood/Writer's Block

Sometimes I don't "feel" like writing and sometimes I feel like I can't NOT write! If I had better discipline I would force myself to write all the time. Sometimes it just doesn't happen.  Sometimes I just stare at a blank screen and no ideas come to me. If I could get over this aspect of myself I could probably write more frequently and more consistently.

What motivates you to blog? What are the true underlying reasons as to why you're not blogging? Have I left out anything in this discussion?  Let me know!

photo by Ramunas Geciauskas