Monday, July 23, 2018

An Early Genealogist

It's always a joy to come across another who shares your passion for genealogy. It's more rare to stumble across one from the 1800s. Here's one of the most delightful headstones. It memorializes Abner Morse of Holliston, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, fellow genealogist.

No Night There

In Filial Remembrance
Rev. Abner Morse.
Born at
Medway. Sept. 5, 1793.
Graduated at
Brown University. 1816.
Asleep in Jesus. May 16, 1865

A CHRISTIAN humble and devout, his Piety sincere and habitual.
Trembling yet trustful, beloved to lean upon the Master's bosom.
a PREACHER, earnest, plain, practical.
Adorning the Doctrine he professed by simplicity, purity, and truth.
As a PASTOR, discreet, faithful, affectionate.
of Geology an ardent Student, of Genealogical research
A zealous Promoter.
As HUSBAND, FATHER, FRIEND, beloved, honored, lamented.
Whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die.
Believest thou this.

Gravestone in the Central Burying Ground, Holliston, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Photos by Marian Pierre-Louis.