Monday, April 4, 2011

Help Locate a WWI Italian Soldier's Grave in Austria

One of my Facebook friends is looking for help locating the grave of her Great Uncle, Palmieri Tavino.

Here's what Laurie knows about her Great Uncle:

Name: Palmieri Tavino, born in Montorsi (a small section or "frazione" of Sant'Angelo a Cupolo), near the city of Benevento, Italy. Province: Campania. 

He was educated and proabably was an officer. He was killed in action in the last days of the war, 1918. Buried in Austria. 

Father's name: Alfonso Tavino
Mother's maiden name: Maria Antonia DeMercurio

If you can help locate the gravesite or provide some helpful ideas, please leave your suggestions in the comments below.

Any thoughts on his rank in the military based on his uniform would be greatly appreciated.



  1. Italian records are outside my experience, but here are a few considerations from my research efforts in the WWI era :
    - maybe there was a memorial service recorded in the burial records of his hometown church
    - pinning down the date can help correlate the campaigns and battles being fought and his possible death location
    - re-examine the provenance of the death information to determine if "Austria" is today's country or Austria as it was in 1918 (which included South Tirol and a lot of Balkan territory)
    - many countries have War Grave organizations or veteran's groups that might be able to help

  2. His WWI record of death from the military archives of Italy is here:

  3. Hi, accidentally I found this post. I'm from Italy and I'm a student and researcher in WW1 history of Royal Italian Army. I check the list of soldier fallen in action, which were from the province of Benevento, and I found this datas:
    "TAVINO (surname) Palmiero (name), first lieutenant of the 141th Infantry Regiment, Brigade "Catanzaro", born on March 26 1897, in Sant'Angelo a Cupolo. Killed in action on 29 September 1917 in the Carso area." His regiment, in those days, fought in the area of San Giovanni di Duino - Aurisina, where it suffered many casualties. Probably, lieutenant Tavino was buried, after the war, in the Redipuglia war cemetery, near Gorizia. I hope I helped you, bye, Niccolò

    1. Dear Niccolo,

      My great great grandfather died in WWI. I am not related to the Tavino family, but my ancestor is from an area near by: S. Angelo dei Lombardi, Avellino. I'm desperate for any information about him. His name was Pasquale Pizzirusso and I suspect he died in about 1918. I would be so grateful for your help.

      Kindest Regards,

      Carla Grillo

    2. HI, how can I find a grave which belongs my ancestor, austro-hungarian soldier who died 1915 and buried in central cemetery in Gorizia.

  4. Thanks so much for your help Niccolo!


  5. That's a pleasure! A notice: in the two photos, Tavino wears the uniform of "Bersaglieri" officers', so he served also in this corps. You can suggest to your friend to write a letter to “Onorcaduti” (Ministero della Difesa, Commissariato generale onoranze caduti in guerra, Direzione situazione e statistica - Ufficio estero, Via XX Settembre 123/a - 00187 Roma. Mail: ) asking informations about the burial of his relative.

    Niccolò Figundio

  6. Mille grazie a tutti! Thank you all so much for the information. I obviously did not know my great uncle but had heard stories that his father (my great grandfather), every year on the anniversary of his eldest son's death, would disappear into the woods in mourning so I always remembered his name and wondered where he was buried. I notice that the date of his death, above, is 1917 but the letter to his parents is dated 1918. I will do some writing.