Friday, September 23, 2011

Tea and Genealogy To Go!

I've just received my first piece of genealogy paraphernalia! It's true. Up to this date I've never had a genealogy t-shirt, sticker, mug or anything.  So far I've only collected books, syllabi and conference badges. Now I have a lovely thermal mug courtesy of Jimmy Kavanagh of JMK Genealogy Gifts.

Jimmy felt sorry for me awhile back so he sent me this mug to perk me up.  His wry Irish sense of humor is certainly showing through.  I am a big tea drinker so this mug will be a welcome companion on my genealogy research trips.

I was particularly psyched to discover the stainless steel interior.  I'm hoping it will keep my hot tea hotter longer than my cheap plastic Disney World mug does.

Thanks Jimmy - I love the mug!

Disclosure: This mug was an unsolicited gift.  Nothing was asked for in return and I'm under no obligation to review it or share it with anyone. I just really like it.


  1. Lucie - Jimmy has a zazzle shop with lots of genealogy gadgets. This is the shop - and this is the mug

  2. Marian, I have only one piece of genealogy paraphernalia, too, and it is also a mug. When we were at NARA this spring hubby bought me a big mug that says "National Archives". I love it. It holds an extra big serving of tea... Thanks for posting the zazzle shop link!

  3. That's great, thanks for sharing. I took a look at the zazzle shop and it's just full of great stuff!

  4. Love the cup! (Mine would have coffee in it.) I'll have to stop by his shop.

  5. I also only have one piece of genealogy paraphernalia - it's one of those wooden "Cite Your Sources" bookmarks you can see at genealogy conventions. But that mug looks awfully fine....