Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Latest Hand-Me-Down Treasure

This weekend was full of ancestral surprises for me.  My father passed down a number of items from our family.  There was one special item that particularly thrilled me. My own copy of Black's Law Dictionary, 4th edition. And this one saw lifetime use by a family lawyer.

I could use a couple snow storms this winter to give me the time to sit down and enjoy this new treasure. It's so heavy I think I'll need to get a book stand so that I will be able to use it and flip through it easily.

I'm in genealogy heaven!


  1. I'm so JEALOUS!!! What a wonderful treasure!

  2. I have a Black's law dictionary too but unfortunately mine was printed in the early 1990's! I have referred to it several times over the years.

  3. Beautiful. You can't beat a smyth sewn book -- they will last ages. :)