Thursday, August 16, 2012

Go Ahead Societies!

Recently, I have been getting a number of requests from society members or officers asking if they can show my Legacy Family Tree webinars on CD at their society meetings.

The answers is YES!

Here's my official policy:

If you want to show one of my webinar CDs to your membership, just shoot me an email and let me know the name of your society and when and what you'll be showing and I'll gladly say yes.

The fine print:

I would ask that if you share the handouts with the attendees at the meeting that you make only enough printed copies for those in attendance. Please do NOT share the handouts via email or the internet.

Other than that I hope you'll consider letting your members know about this blog (

Thanks everyone for all the emails.I am so glad that you considered my webinars as a program for your society!

Here's a link to the full list of recorded webinars.


  1. That is a wonderful practice, Marian. Good for you! ;-) Good conditions, too, by the way! ;-)

  2. Marian, my plan is to encourage our members to visit the local FHC where our book collection is stored, to view the webinar DVDs we have bought which I will announce during our 10-min tech tip in September. Yours is one of the DVDs we have purchased. However, when I was program chair, I always had a backup for that one occasion when the speaker might not show and that was done by having ready a VHS tape or CD of a lecture by a well-known genealogist. Thanks for giving us permission to use your webinar to show the group if this ever occurs (so far we have never had to come up with Plan B). We will comply with your request if we ever have to resort to Plan B and thank you for sharing.