Roundup of Genealogy Webinar Providers

There are so many great webinar offerings these days that I thought I would provide a roundup of all the individuals and groups providing webinars.  Some charge a small fee for webinars but many are free. Either way it's a great way to get some tips and to jump start your genealogy.

Legacy Family Tree Webinars - They provide genealogical webinars nearly every week.  Their usual time slot is Wednesdays at 2pm EST but they also do some on Fridays and other times.  The webinars are free when viewed live and for 10 days afterwards. Viewers have the option to purchase CDs of the webinars.

Family Tree University - They provide live and on-demand webinars as well as a fall and spring virtual conference chock full of webinars.  There is a fee associated with these webinars so check for the prices though discount coupons are frequently available.  Follow them on Facebook or Twitter for the coupons. Webinars are held at varying times.

Dear Myrtle - Dear Myrtle has been right there at the forefront of webinars since they began to take hold within the genealogy community.  The Dear Myrtle webinars are free and the upcoming schedule can be found on the Dear Myrtle blog and on the GeneaWebinars Calendar. Archived webinars can also be accessed from the Dear Myrtle site.

Michael John Neill - Neill, the author of Casefile Cluse and Genealogy Tip of the Day, regularly holds genealogy webinars. His archived webinars are available to buy via download.  There is also a fee for the live versions.  Find notices of upcoming webinars on his Rootdig blog.

Illinois State Genealogical Society (ISGS)- Societies are getting in the swing of providing great webinar content too. ISGS is presenting webinars every month and they publish the full-year calendar in advance which is great for scheduling. Webinars are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 8pm Central (9pm EST).  The live webinars are free but replay is only for members. Access to their webinar library may be enough to convince you to join!

Southern California Genealogical Society (SCGS) - Pioneers in the webinar arena, SCGS was the first society to offer webinars to their members and the public at large. Called the Jamboree Extension Series, they also publish a full year schedule in advance.  Their live webinars are free but membership is required for the replays. Webinars are held twice a month on the first Saturday at 1pm EST and the 3rd Wednesday at 9pm EST.

Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) - APG has begun catering to the needs of its members by providing business focused webinars. The topics might also be of interest to genealogists in general or people who are considering becoming a professional. The webinars are free to watch and the replays are available in the members only section of the website. See the GeneaWebinars calendar for individual webinars by APG or look for press releases on the APG website.

Friends of the National Archives - Southeast Region - This is another regional group that is providing a full year slate of webinar content. The topics tend to have a more southern focus but some are general interest as well. The webinars are free to watch live but membership is required for later viewing.

You can view the full schedule of webinars by ALL genealogy webinar providers at the GeneaWebinars site.

If you know of any other webinar providers that I have missed please let me know so that I can add them to the list.


  1. Marian,

    Great idea to collect all of these resources in one place! Here are two more sources of webinars for your list that aren't listed on the calendar:

    Georgia Genealogical Society (GGS): The society sponsors a monthly series of webinars which are provided free to live webinar participants at 8:00 pm (Eastern time zone) on the third Monday of each month. Recorded webinars (and handouts) are archived on their website, in a members-only section. About 1/4 of the webinars are on topics specific to researching Georgia ancestors while the others would appeal to a very wide audience.

    Although I have never lived in Georgia, I do have Georgia ancestors. The GGS webinars on Georgia records and resources have been extremely helpful to me.

    RootsMagic Webinars: The folks who created the RootsMagic software offer free webinars, usually on topics related to using various features of their software. However, they've offered two free webinars by Lisa Louise Cooke: Google Earth for Genealogy and How to Find Your Family History in Newspapers. All 40 of the webinars they've offered so far are archived on their website and access is free to everyone. It looks like they're planning to schedule some new webinars, although the schedule isn't posted yet.

    Here's a tip for using the listings: I subscribe to their calendar in my personal Google calendar and then turn on the email notification feature. That way every time a new webinar is added to the calendar at Geneawebinars I receive an alert in my inbox and the calendar listing (which includes the registration link) is available in my Google calendar.

    Kathy Nitsch

    1. Kathy,

      Thanks for mentioning these two other providers and for the email tip. That tip is going to come in very handy!


  2. Here are two more webinar providers:

    Looking4ancestors just held their first webinar on July 24, 2012 (Mapping Your Ancestor's Footsteps). also has webinars. Their most recent one was in June, so maybe they'll start up again for the autumn. Their webinars are at

    Thanks for gathering this list! DearMyrtle has most, but not all the webinars on her calendar.

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  4. Thanks for this collection . I have also found video about all topics on genealogy on youtube as well.

  5. The Utah Genealogical Society (home of SLIG) offers a FREE online UGA Virtual Chapter Meeting. The next one is Speaker – Pat Jensen, Finding United States Naturalization Records
    7:00 pm MDT, August 16, 2012.

    To attend the presentation, go to and, on the date and time of the meeting, click on the UGA logo. Enter the presentation as a guest.

    This presentation is FREE and open to the public, so share, tweet & spread the word! This meeting will be recorded and placed in the members area of the website ( where current members have access to all of the past meetings!

    1. Lisa,

      Thanks for including UGA. I meant to include them in the original post and somehow got distracted away from it. A good addition!


  6. The Graduate School of Library and Information Science is offering a 6 week non-credit course on Genealogical Research and Library Service. Open to all, but there is a fee.

    Course description: This course covers the basics of family history research, which is a very specialized field. We will examine sources used for family history research, both print and online, as well as methods of assessing, compiling, and presenting information extracted from the sources. You will learn about a variety of sources including home sources, government documents at the local, state and federal levels, and non-governmental records, such as church records, city directories, local histories, and newspapers. We will also cover how to organize and store research, and how to share it. Finally, we will discuss the major providers of genealogical information in the U.S. and strategies for providing good service.


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