Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Comparing My DNA results to My Dad's

Last time I discussed the comparison of my DNA results from three different testing companies. Now I take a close look at my DNA in comparison to my Dad.

What I did first what to analyze my ancestry based on my genealogical research. Based on the origins of my immigrant ancestors I calculated basic ethnic percentages. I broke this down between my Mom's side of the family and my Dad's. Next I took my Dad's ancestry and broke it down into ethnicities as well.

The fun starts when you compare your genealogical ancestry to your genetic ancestry! I think the results are often unexpected or off the mark. I took a look at both my dna results and my Dad's compared to our genealogy. Lastly I compared my dna and my Dad's dna results side by side. I am definitely his daughter even if I can't fully explain some of the ethnicities listed!

Have you tested your DNA to your parents'? Did it come out as expected or were there some surprises?  Let me know!

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