Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mid-week Food for Thought - It's All About the Little Details

This doesn't have to do with genealogy or history specifically but I thought it was interesting enough to share anyway.

I just read a blog post called "Manage Customer Experience Through Small Details" by Shep Hyken on The Social Customer website/blog.  The post is short and worth reading.

It discusses the process of checking into two different hotels and how those experiences were vastly different based on little details.

When you think of it, it's not really about customers at all.  It's about co-workers, friends, cousins, spouses, children and even the stranger passing you on the street.  It's all about respect. It warrants a blog post because it seems that respect is in short supply these days.

So read the post and then consider applying the concept of "the little details" not just to your customers but to everyone in your life.  Then watch how the world changes around you.

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