Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What Kind of Marketing Should Genealogists Do?

In response to my last post "What's a Professional Researcher to Do without Expert Connect?", Stephanie Hoover wrote a very thought provoking comment.You know I like those kinds the best! You can use the link above to see her full comment.

She addressed two important issues that impact genealogists - Marketing and Building a Successful Business.

I'm going to address Marketing here and Buildling a Successful Business later.

Do you think marketing is important to genealogists who are building their business?  If so, what kind of marketing do you do yourself?  What activities do you see as marketing?

Marketing is a broad category for all these activities:
Maintaining a website
Social Networking
Advertising - Print
Advertising - web-based
Direct Print Marketing - sending letters, postcards, etc
Direct Email Marketing - sending marketing emails (think Constant Contact)
Newsletters (for a business)
Podcasts (for a business)
Videos (for a business)
Television/Radio commercials
Commercial sponsorships
Writing Articles and Speaking engagements can also be seen as a form of advertising

Did I leave anything out?  What do you think is important and what's not?

I look forward to hearing your responses and I'll share my own thoughts and opinions later.

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  1. Marketing could include a relationship built through libraries, archives and courthouses. An excellent honest reputation puts you in the forefront with them. Leave your calling cards with them.