Monday, February 7, 2011

Beware of Multiple Facebook Accounts!

A few months ago a Facebook friend sent me a friend request from a new Facebook account.  I thought that was a bit strange but accepted the request anyway.  Later I queried that friend to find out that the account had been hijacked and the new friend account was an impostor.  So I severed the link to the impostor.

I've had the reverse situation happen as well.  A friend gets locked out of their own account by a hijacker and then they start a new one.  That's a more difficult scenario.  In that case a friend of his posted on his wall that he had been hijacked.  The problem with that is all his other friends might not see that wall post.  I emailed him, he explained the situation so I went to his wall and saw the note from the friend about the hijacking.  (Now why the hijackers didn't delete that wall post I'll never know.)

Beware of Multiple Facebook Accounts

If you are already Facebook friends with somone and then you receive a request from a different account, use caution!  Post a note to their wall or send emails to both accounts.  Ask for an explanation.  One of the accounts will likely give you an explanation that sounds plausible.  It's so easy so accept a friend request from a name that you are familiar with. Sometimes you forget to check that you are already Facebook friends with someone.  Especially when you see other friends have already accepted the second account. Staying on top of this will protect you from unnecessary exposure to account hijackers.

Heads up to All My Facebook Friends

Just a heads up to all my Facebook friends - if I get a second account request from you I won't accept it without an explanation.  I've got to stay safe too.  Be on the lookout for my emails/wall posts and let me know what's up.

I got another such request from someone this morning.  I immediately wrote on their wall and emailed back the second account request.  I got a quick email reply but it didn't address why they created a second account.  I sent a second email that said "I can't accept this friend request until I hear back from your other account. Two accounts is suspicious." I didn't get any reply to that. And still no response to my wall post.  My apologies to this Facebook friend if it is legitimate but until I know for sure I'm in wait and see mode.

Stay alert and stay cautious folks!


  1. why hijack and account in the 1st place? Don't understand. Please fill me in on this.

  2. Honestly, I'm not really sure why someone would want to hijack a Facebook account. I've heard of many instances where people hijack an account and then use instant messaging to try get money from the friends. This is the old "I'm stuck in London with no cash can you please wire me some" scenario. I'm guessing people take over other people's accounts to do these kind of shenanigans.