Friday, February 25, 2011

My Challenge to Genealogists: It's Time to Get Hip

The librarians have done it.  The knitters have done it.  Now it's time for the genealogists to do it.

I was just reading James Tanner's blogpost "Who do they think we are?" In it, he explains why people give blank stares when someone tells them they are a genealogist.  He says, "Part of the reason, I am sure for the reaction to genealogy stems from the common viewpoint that the whole subject is the purview of slightly (or more than slightly) balmy older people who have failed at shuffleboard."

Folks, it's time for genealogists to get hip.

The librarians did it first.

We've seen librarians do Lady Gaga

This video was created by Students and faculty from the University of Washington's Information School. More info here

Even the knitters are getting hip with their graffiti bombing activities.

So genealogists, I challenge you! 

What you are you going to do to show the world that genealogists are hip?

Hmmm...maybe I'll even come up with a prize for the best submission.  I'll be back later with a prize and a deadline.


  1. Hi Marian, even scientists are hip:

  2. This SO sounds like a challenge for Sheri Fenley!! ;-)

  3. I just loved the video's of the librarians! Thanks for bringing these to our attention. Now I'm going to go and look at more of them. They are great.

  4. Listen. I'm all for coolness, but there's no way we're going to out-cool the librarians. That video was 47 kinds of awesome.

  5. I know! We can deliver our findings in rap form!! Come on now, everybody get into it - start bopping your head and making the noises... play along... We could even hire Eminem and JayZ impersonators to deliver the news!

    Just got done with your tree and now who did I see?
    Found some secrets gonna blow your fam out to the sea
    There's a thing called a census, found a Boyle, first name Clare
    Born in eighteen hundred eighty in a place called Kildare

    U thought your great-great-grandma only had four?
    Got news for ya, sistah - she had a few more
    The baby daddy's name is Theodore Lester
    Bet ya never knew about Theresa and Esther!

    They landed at the "Island" back about '23
    Moved on to South Boston, lived on Broadway by the T
    Their crib - it was small - they lived on the third floor
    Paid about a sawbuck for 3 rooms - maybe four

    Made his money tanning hides down in Newmarket Square
    She spent hours cleaning house for those rich folks O'Hare
    She died in 37, he passed on in 58
    She had a heart attack, looks like he had too much weight!

    So now you know your roots, go pass on my name
    And let all your peeps know

    Ahhh, I think I've had too much coffee already today! Enjoy and feel free to pass on!

    Diane Bowen

  6. Couldn't you just see Megan and Thomas Kemp rapping this at the next national conference??? LOL!


  7. Diane,
    Now that was "Hip" Hop!!


  8. Genealogists are better at Teh Google than most people I know (other than marketers). That should give us some cred.