Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Ideal Season of Who Do You Think You Are?

I woke up this morning to a great, fun post over at Susan Petersen's Long Lost Relatives Blog. She asks us to imagine we are the producers of Who Do You Think You Are? and wants to know who we would pick for the perfect season.  I loved reading Susan's choices.  Now here are some of my own.  I hope you consider listing your favorites in the comments or on your own blog.

Melissa Gilbert - She played Laura for so many years on Little House on the Prairie.  It would be fun to see if her background even remotely resembles the character she played.

Alicia Keys - She's an amazing singer from New York City.  It would be interesting to find out if her roots are deep in NYC or from somewhere else.

Mark Harmon - The star of NCIS is what I consider to be one fine man. The son of a Heisman trophy winner and an actress/artist, it would be fun to see where his roots were planted before he was born in California.

Mariah Carey - Admittedly she seems a bit flighty but she has the most amazing voice.  Her mother was a singer too.  I wonder if there is a long history of singers in her ancestry.

Derek Jeter - Ok I'm a Red Sox fan but I've always liked Derek Jeter. I would like to know if anyone in his family history helped contribute to getting him where he is today.

Jason Varitek - Here's one for the Red Sox fans.  Jason has always been one of my favorite players.  With a name like Varitek he must have some Czech roots that should be explored.

Beyonce - She is larger than life and she seems to handle fame with such grace. It would be fascinating to learn if her background contributed to her success.

Jane Fonda - (I'm laughing at this one) This is in response to Susan's choice of Jane.  I'm including Jane because of her New York roots.  I have Fonda ancestors as well.  Maybe the researchers on the show can help sort them out for me!

Yes, that would be the perfect season of Who Do You Think You Are? for me! What would your perfect season look like?

Thanks again Susan for such a great idea!


  1. Oh, I should have included George Clooney for the same reason as Mark Harmon :)

  2. Loved your list, Marian! RE: Mark Harmon - his sister, Kris, was married to Ricky Nelson, so there's a whole other family tree! I was going to include a sports figure in my list and Derek Jeter was the first who came to mind, but somehow, I got impatient and posted the blog first. At least he gets to be on your season!

  3. I seem to recall the Harmons having Detroit-area connections. Well, wait, I think Kelly Harmon was married to John DeLorean for a while, in the late '70s, so maybe that's the only Detroit connection (or not...) --Julie Michutka

  4. Pierce Brosnan, Pierce Brosnan...oh yeah, and Pierce Brosnan! No further clarification needed! And, just to be different...Ringo Starr!
    Fun post, Marian! Deb H.