Thursday, December 1, 2011

Scanning with the Flip Pal

One of my readers had some questions about using the Flip Pal to scan so I thought I would write a post that goes step by step through the process.

One of the best features about the Flip Pal is its portability. It's light and there is no electrical cord. The Flip Pal runs on batteries which are found on the underside of the scanner.

It's so handy you can even scan right on your lap if you want to. There are three easy buttons/slots on the side for power (on/off), scanning and the memory card. Slide the power button to turn it on. To perform a scan you will simply press the green button.

To start scanning grab a photo and lift the cover.

Place the photo with the image facing down on the glass. Replace the cover.  You have the choice of 300 dpi or 600 dpi for lower or higher resolution.  You can use the buttons on the front of the Flip Pal to change to your preference.  When you're ready press the green button to scan.  After scanning the Flip Pal will show you a little image of the scan but mine didn't photograph well so I can't show it here.

When you're done scanning your images are stored on the memory card. Take the memory card out of the slot.  If you don't have a card reader built into your computer you can use the  USB adaptor that comes with the Flip Pal.  Insert the memory card into the adaptor.

Then insert the adaptor into your computer.

I viewed my photo with Adobe Photoshop.  You can use whatever default program is on your computer.

The Flip Pal scanned a bit more than just my image that's why you see white space around my photograph.  I will have to crop that out.  I scanned the image at 600 dpi.  You can see below it is quite a large image.

I cropped out the extra white and then adjusted the color a bit.  I moved the file from the memory card to a more permanent location on my desktop hard drive. Here's the final result:

All in all it was a quick, easy process.  You can quickly scan lots of photos before transferring them to your computer.

This was fun! Let me know if you have any questions.


  1. I have one and love it! I haven't quite gotten the "stitch" thing down yet but am working on it. Thanks for the post!

  2. Thanks for this clear explanation. The photos make it easy to understand what is involved. I will be getting a Flip-Pal as soon as it is possible to buy them in Australia. Unfortunately Amazon won't ship them to this country.

  3. Marian, Thank you for the great post and glad to see I am using my 'new' Flip Pal correctly ~smiles~ My only complaint . . . It scans so fast! ~laughs~ Of course the complaint I had on my desktop scanner was that it was so slow, I could get a snack while I waited! Never satisfied!

    Actually I love the Flip Pal and I am really not sure why I did not get this sooner. Santa delivered it early for me!! ~Kristine~

  4. Beautiful photography! How do you get such great screen shots?

  5. Judy,

    I believe the Flip Pal is now available in Australia. See this blog post by Geniaus

  6. I put a scan of my business card on the SD card so that when Flip-Pal is booting up, my contact info displays.