Monday, November 22, 2010

A Daily Dose of History - Mass Moments

As a genealogist, I am also a huge history buff. I love all kinds of history but I am particularly interested in history related to New England.

However, as many of us have experienced, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the information on the internet. For this reason I love a site called Mass Moments which provides a little taste of history every day.

As you would guess by the name, Mass Moments is about Massachusetts history. You can visit Mass Moment on their website or sign up for their email subscription.

A paragraph's worth of history is presented each day.  The paragraph itself is satisfying enough but if you feel compelled to hear the rest of the story you can click on the "more on this Moment" link and read a more in-depth treatment of the historical moment.

For those of you who live on Facebook, you can get your daily Mass Moments update there too. And for people who like to multi-task, you can listen to Moments while you are working on other things.  Each Mass Moment provides a link to an audio file.

The historical bites range from very early Massachusetts history such as King Philip’s War Breaks Out: June 24, 1675 to modern history like Red Sox Win World Series: October 27, 2004.

There are historical subjects of interest to everyone including topics on Women's History, Black History, Sports, Architecture, Religion, Maritime History, Native Americans, Technology and even the Weather.

Some of my favorite past stories have included:

Voters Deny Masaschusetsss Women the Vote

The Great Molasses Flood

David Walker Found Dead

Give it a try.  Maybe you'll find you'll like it as much as I do.

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  1. I love this site! In fact, it has inspired at least two blog posts, the last one I wrote on October 23rd when I read it was the day the First Missionary Company left Boston in 1819 for it's mission in Hawaii. This was a moment in time that influenced several ancestors, and American History, not just Massachusetts history.