Friday, November 12, 2010

An Unexepectedly Delightful Morning

This morning I headed off to my local Registry of Deeds to wrap up some research on an article I am writing. While I always enjoy a trip to the registry, I was feeling a little deadline pressure and looking forward to getting the work done.

The morning started off well, though, because the sun was shining after a number of cold, gray, rainy days. When I arrived at the registry all the metered parking spaces were gone. I looped around a few times trying to nail a spot without success. In the end I decided to take a new road in hopes of finding other meters.

How serendipitous that this road should lead me to the oldest cemetery in town. I drove slowly past, scoping out the stones. This would definitely be worth a visit. I used some self restraint and drove on, turning onto the appropriately named Court Street.

At last, there I found parking. Along with the parking I found a row of historic early 19th century homes. I was so tempted to grab my camera and take a stroll but I resisted.

It's not often that I find all facets of the work I love all within one block - genealogy research, historic houses and 18th century gravestone carvings.

I finished up at the registry quickly even having the opportunity to do some extra research. I still had a half hour of free time before my next commitment.

Coming out of the registry I was washed with unusually sunny warmth for November. As I crossed the street heading back toward my car I couldn't resist pulling out my camera (which I carry with me at all times) and capturing the historic homes.

But my real goal was the cemetery. I tossed all my bags in the car and headed over the short half block. This cemetery was full of a great variety and age of stone carvings. It nestled behind a beautiful stone Episcopal church and the quiet side street was lined with more historic homes. Even the sun was cooperating and shining fully on the face of the gravestones.

It's not often that a day trip and a location work out quite so well for me. It was truly an unexepectedly delightful morning.


  1. Dedham?

    Nice when a plan you didn't have comes together, eh?

  2. Sounds like an absolutely perfect day!

  3. Ah, Dedham. My home base. And vicariously yours too Randy as I keep bumping into your people. I'm on the lookout now for Seavers every where I go. And I see Nickersons everywhere too thanks to Laura Prescott. Yeah - the best plans happen when you aren't expecting them.

  4. My kind of day, Marian! I wish I had more like yours!