Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Bookshelf

I have a bookshelf reserved for books by or about (with one exception) family members. I don't look at it often but it makes me proud when I see it. On this shelf I find:

Edwards & Angell, A Firm History Including 1989 Update by Edward Winsor - I can't get away from these Edwards no matter what I do :) My farmers who turned into lawyers.

Pitt, January 1962, On the cover - Professor Peterson's Magic Lantern (with newspapers clippings inside clipped by my mother) - Uncle Petie, I never knew you but, oh, how you and Aunt Helen shaped my life.

Pittsburgh Festival OVERTURE Bicentennial Issue, 1958-59, with articles by Edwin L. Peterson and his disciples.

On Holy Ground, Reflections in a New England Town by Beverley F. Edwards (a birthday gift 2007)- Aunt Bev, you've had more impact on my life than you've ever realized.

Seeber Edwards 1869-1914, In Memorium - confronting, understanding and embracing the past has been one of my greatest gifts. To the next generation I leave a new Seeber who is likely to be just as charming as the last.

A Joyful Noise by Janet Gillespie - The essence of Westport and the Edwards connection. This one is not by family but is about a beloved family place.

Diapers Days of Dallas by Ted Dealey - I haven't read this book but so proud to embrace my Dealey heritage

No Life So Happy by Edwin L. Peterson (with a newspaper clipping about Peterson's course on fly-tying and a personal hand written note by him to my grandparents after his mother's death)

Synergy by Angie Sedwick - a much loved cousin

Holy Bible presented to Helen Rose Walleck by Grandma Walleck, Dec. 25, 1947

Thanks for the legacy!

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