Friday, December 31, 2010

My Top 5 Roots & Rambles Posts of 2010

I suppose it's a little self-indulgent but I'm going to list my top 5 favorite Roots & Rambles posts of 2010. The posts I liked the best aren't necessarily the ones that got the most "hits."

I think these posts are very indicative of where my head was at in 2010. They demonstrate how I was evolving as a researcher and my approach to processing all that I encounter in the world.

1. Canvassing a Town for Historical Resources - A big theme of mine this year was looking for history and genealogy everywhere including unusual and oft overlooked places.  This is a method for seeing and finding resources in a new way.

2. Prove Genealogy Backwards, Read History Forward - Inspired by a lecture from Professor Gary W. Gallagher, this provides a suggestion for a different way to approach the study of history.

3. How I Got Here - The Path to Becoming a Family Historian - It's easy to be "me" centric but the more I considered it I was just a link in a much larger family chain. This also includes thoughts on nurturing children to become future family historians.

4. I Don't See Dead People but I Do See History - History is everywhere. A window into seeing it through my eyes.  A nice complement to #1 above.  Soon you'll be seeing history everywhere too.

5. How James Deetz Changed My Life - One of the catalysts that profoundly changed my research and how I approach genealogy and history.


Schedule Time for Analysis After Your Research Trip - An important reminder and tips on how to capture all the data from a research trip.

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