Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Family Bible Wish List

I've been talking a lot about Family Bibles lately.  I thought I would wrap up the series with my Family Bible Wish List.  This list includes all the Family Bibles I wish I could get my hands on.  Most of them are for my brick wall ancestors.

My Family Bible Wish List

1) The Bible of John Edwards and Ann Van Schaick of Glen, Montgomery County, New York.

John Edwards was born 6 Jan 1792 in Germantown, Columbia County, New York and died 22 September 1877 in Glen, Montgomery County, New York. He was the son of William Edwards, originally from Wales and Christina Schmidt/Christine Smith. William and Christina are my biggest brick wall.  Family tradition said that John couldn't read or write but that his wife Ann Van Schaick could.  Perhaps they started a Family Bible record when they got married.  If so, I would really love to see it!

2) The Bible of Orange Hill and Semira Frizzell of the Hamlet of Delphi Falls, Town of Pompey, Onondaga County, New York.

Orange Hill was born 21 Feb 1806 and died 26 Dec 1882 in Pompey.  He was the son of Ensign Hill and Mary Hastings Kellogg.  I believe that Orange Hill was the father of my great great grandmother Charlotte Hill but I'm still looking for concrete proof.  Finding a Bible with their family records would be a big help.

3) The Bible of William Chandler Learned and Charlotte Hill of New York.

William and Charlotte were married on 12 July 1855 in Charlotte's hometown of Delphi.  William was a minister so it was very likely they had a Bible.  Charlotte died 25 Jan 1862 in Alden, Erie County, New York.  After Charlotte's death, William married twice more.  First to Francis Gilbert in 1864 and then to Adda O. Setchel in 1869.  His Bible could potentially contain all three wives and children.

4) The Bible of James Porter McClaren and his wife Pleasant Ann of Black Lick, Indiana County, Pennsylvania.

James Porter McClaren was born 7 Feb 1821 in PA and died 10 Mar 1865 in Black Lick, PA.  His wife Pleasant Ann was born 1 Apr 1823 in Indiana County, PA and died 15 Jul 1902 in Black Lick, PA.  I have never been able to determine Pleasant Ann's maiden name.  Perhaps finding that Family Bible will help me break new ground with my ancestry.

If the genealogy elves are going to be generous this Christmas perhaps they will help me locate one or all of these Bibles.


  1. Do you know that these bibles even existed? I did a list like this of bibles I know existed that I can't find now. One is from a will and another from a revolutionary war pension file. I think it is most frustrating to know something existed and can't be located now -- the evil thought that someone threw it out already!!

  2. Martin,

    The answer is no. I don't know if any of them existed.

    There is a rumor of an Edwards Family Bible but having not seen the Bible who's to know for sure.

    I'm sure that William Chandler Learned most likely had a Bible since he was minister. My 3rd cousin has his diaries but I don't know if she has a Bible or not. I should really drop her a line.

    The other ones are complete wishes. At least by putting this out on the internet I will be one step closer to locating them. That's how the last Bible came to me. The owner found me on the web. A girl's gotta try :)