Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Mystery Heirloom has Arrived!

The mystery heirloom sent by Good Samaritan Steve from Long Island has arrived!!

What could it be?

It is cleverly disguised as a Nike box!

I have to admit that I was so excited that I asked the postal clerk for some scissors and he helped me open the box right there in the post office!

Then we ease it open to reveal.....

A Family Bible!  Yay!

It has an inscription on the front!

It was a gift from his mother in 1868!

It even arrived with an old looking pressed flower and....

Family Records!! :)

The Bible reveals family members that I did not have recorded.  I'm off to a good start.  I'm going to enjoy going through each of the four pages of family history including births, deaths and marriages.

At first glance it doesn't appear like any brick walls are going to come tumbling down but I am so happy to have this item back in the Edwards family.

Thanks so much to Steve from Long Island! It's a wonderful, thoughtful thing you've done returning this Bible to the family from which it originated.

Clearly I am an Edwards family member but I thought I would mention that I am *really* an Edwards.  It's my maiden name and paternal line. And my biggest brick wall.  grrr :)


  1. Wonderful news, and so nice of Steve. And Marian, you can use your new Flip Pal to do some scanning!

  2. Amazing and wonderful that it came back to it's family.

  3. I'm so happy for you, Marian. If only I could find a descendant of my my great-grandparents willing to allow me to give them their bible. I ask and ask and ask and I mostly get "I don't want the responsibility" or occasionally "maybe my son/daughter might take it" with no follow up years later. Distant cousins say they will take it but I really, really want to give it to a descendant if possible.

    I've even contacted historical societies in areas where these people lived and they say "we want the family pages but have no room for the Bible" - I guess they want me to tear the family pages out and throw the Bible away. I haven't been able to bring myself to do that. Could you? This is a Bible that looks very similar in size to the one you just received.

    Ah... what to do, what to do...

  4. I've found family bible records in the manuscript room at NEHGS, but having the actual book in your possession is even better! I'm very happy for you!

  5. What a joy! I'm beaming just seeing the pictures.

  6. OMG Marian! You are indeed one lucky duck! I am absolutely thrilled for you!

  7. Marian, how absolutely fabulous! What a thrill it must have been. Steve deserves a medal but I guess he feel pretty pleased that he's been so generous.
    Lyn, if no one else will take it, keep it in your family -better than having it destroyed. Tear pages out, Heavens above!

  8. Congrats! Good story all around....kudos to Steve!

  9. Oh my, what a wonderful gift! I wish I had my very own "Steve" out there!

  10. That's so cool! And I would have had to open the package in the post office,too.

  11. How exciting -- to hold in your hands something than an ancestor held. Congratulations!

  12. Thanks for allowing us to be there while you opened the nike box! I like Barbara's suggestion. Warm up the Flip Pal!

  13. How Wonderful! Your Ancestors wanted you to have this Bible! Thank you for sharing the suspense and the arrival of your Heirloom!

  14. this is so great. thank you for sharing your experience with all of us and what fun you will have with all this information!

  15. Such a wonderful gift, Marian. I don't have a family Bible, but when I was in Romania, I visited my grandmother's church where I saw the family book with the names, birthdates, death dates, and marriage dates of my grandmother's family. So much discovered there.
    Have fun with this!