Monday, November 28, 2011

What Are You Missing Out On?

While I love to write blog posts and try to make them as interesting as possible, I have to admit that sometimes the comments end up being better than the original posts.  That's because there's a great exchange of ideas between a bunch of people who are helping each other. I think I probably learn as much from my readers as they do from my posts.

Email and Blog Readers

The only problem is the that the folks who are reading blogs via email or blog readers aren't seeing the comments.  I'm not suggesting that you change your habits but I just thought I would let you know what you are missing out on.

Try these on for size

Here are some examples from my blog where the comments have turned out to be way more substantial than the original post:

Now I know it's a little strange but I'm going to ask you to read these for the comments.  Check out what your peers and colleagues have to say.  They've got some really great information!

Photo Credit: photo by apdk and used under the creative commons license


  1. How do we incorporate all the social media? I agree there were lots of great comments to many of your posts (especially about genealogy software upheaval). There seems to be so much back and forth - I saw this post on Google+ and also have you in my Google Reader - I am hoping there will be an easier (or cleaner) way in the future to combine all this following. And if I comment here no one will see it scrolling through Google+ Thoughts?

  2. I agree with Tessa that there should be a way to combine all comments, because I know there are additional comments to many of your blog entries that are worth reading, but they are on other media, like Google+ or Twitter. Maybe you can use the 'disable comment' feature on Google+ and just write a little encouragement to people to comment on the blog itself.

  3. I completely agree with you Marian. The email posts are nothing like the original posts. Even the formatting comes up different and readers are missing out on a much more pleasurable blog experience to look though.

    I once had my family on an email post list. Once I clicked the publish button an email would be sent to them. (sometimes w grammar and spelling errors grrrr) They never got to see the entire in the way it was intended to be published. I kept telling them to click on the link to see the entire post. I finally gave up and took them all off that list. lol

    Now I have a G+ circle for family, When I publish a post on G+ I include them.

  4. Taco's suggestion seems to be a good one, since indeed we are all using a variety of media. I use GoogleReader for a quick scan of about 25 genealogy blogs I'm following, but I also run through my Google+ Genealogy circle posts as well. I tend to post comments there on Google+ rather on the blog itself, these days.

  5. I took your advice and did read all the comments for all those posts. (I was a commentor for at least one of them.)

    I like to follow the comments, but right now it is hard to do this. I hope someone makes this an easy feature sometime soon.

    As for GoogleReader: I connect all the blogs I follow to GoogleReader. I skim through those posts. For some blogs I immediately go to the original; for others, I read the blog on the reader, and for a very few blogs, I look at the first few lines and think "nothing here for me today." That is the strength of GoogleReader.

    Now, please, will someone more knowlegable than I find a way to be informed of all comments so that we can follow these conversations.

  6. I just use the reader to bring up the posts - I click on most of the blogs to read them - and comments are one of several reasons that I prefer the "full blog experience."